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GNU Testimonials—Alexander Ewering

From: Alexander Ewering, instinctive new media

I completely depend on GNU software in my company, which does web design, design/layout for print, and professional music production. For most, if not all, of the image manipulation tasks, I use The GIMP, which is a very powerful, flexible, and quite reliable tool. Furthermore, I use Slackware's distribution of GNU/Linux as an operating system on one of the most important workstations, and it, together with its GNU tools, gives me incredibly reliable performance, not comparable at all with the poorer performance of so-called “professional,” proprietary operating systems.

Indeed, I found GNU software on the whole to be much more reliable, light-weight, and flexible than many proprietary counterparts, plus, GNU software is often taylored more towards the scientist, and not the common end-user, which is a definite plus for me.

I use GNU Window Maker on all of my boxes… Furthermore, GCC and GDB are used frequently for development of GTK+ applications and for an internal AI (Artificial Intelligence) project, and are both valuable and reliable tools which have never failed so far.


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