The GNU Hurd is under active development. Because of that, there is no stable version. We mainly distribute the Hurd sources through Git. The latest release is GNU Hurd 0.9.

Although it is possible to bootstrap the GNU/Hurd system from the sources by cross-compiling and installing the system software and the basic applications, this is a difficult process. It is not recommended that you do this. Instead, you should get a binary distribution of the GNU/Hurd, which comes with all the GNU software precompiled and an installation routine which is easy to use.

The Debian project has commited to provide such a binary distribution. Debian GNU/Hurd is currently under development and available in the unstable branch of the Debian archive.




Common Problems

  • ?GNUstep
  • ?XattrHurd: Setting translators under GNU/Linux
  • ?SerialConsole: Setting up a serial console.


Developer References

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