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Guidelines for Writing Web Pages at www.nhjpbo.live

This is a general guide for everyone who wishes to write a web page for the GNU project web server, www.nhjpbo.live. There are several other guides that are important, one of the most important ones is the GNU Website Guidelines. A list of other useful resources is also available.

No pages on the GNU project web server should ever make any references to nonfree software or nonfree documentation. This is VERY important.

The boilerplate that is used for all our pages is in http://www.nhjpbo.live/boilerplate.html. A good start when writing a web page is to use that boilerplate and follow the instructions in it. Please delete the unneeded comments as you go. It makes the HTML source file easier for future maintainers to work with.

When writing a page for a certain program, we want to have some basic information on such a page:

The description should be long enough so that people can grasp the whole program, but not so long that they get bored by reading it. If a package consists of several smaller programs, it is best to write a general description of what types of programs belong in the package and then write shorter descriptions for each program.

The GNU Project would like to host all web pages about a program, so if the main pages are currently on some other server, please consider moving them to the GNU project web server instead.


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