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Proprietary Tethers

Other examples of proprietary malware

Nonfree (proprietary) software is very often malware (designed to mistreat the user). Nonfree software is controlled by its developers, which puts them in a position of power over the users; that is the basic injustice. The developers often exercise that power to the detriment of the users they ought to serve.

Tethering a product or program means designing it to work only by communicating with a specific server. That is always an injustice since it means you can't use the program without that server. It is also a secondary injustice if you can't communicate with the server in another way.

In some cases, tethering is used to do specific nasty things to the users. This page reports instances where tethering was used to harm the users directly.

If you know of an example that ought to be in this page but isn't here, please write to <[email protected]> to inform us. Please include the URL of a trustworthy reference or two to serve as specific substantiation.


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