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Logos of GNU packages

This page is a collection of official and semi-official logos of GNU packages, sorted in alphabetical order.

3dldf 3dldf
auctex auctex
autogen autogen
bazaar bazaar
bpel2owfn bpel2owfn
c-graph c-graph
cgicc cgicc
classpathx classpathx
clisp clisp
ddd ddd
dejagnu dejagnu
denemo denemo
dia dia
electric electric
emms emms
eprints eprints
ferret ferret
freeipmi freeipmi
gama gama
gcc gcc
gdb gdb
gforth gforth
ghostscript ghostscript
gift gift
gimp gimp
global global
glue glue
gmp gmp
gnash gnash
gnats gnats
gnome gnome
gnowsys gnowsys
gnu-crypto gnu-crypto
gnuae gnuae
gnubiff gnubiff
gnucash gnucash
gnugo gnugo
gnujump gnujump
gnump3d gnump3d
gnuradio gnuradio
gnustep gnustep
gnutls gnutls
gorm gorm
gretl gretl
groff groff
gtick gtick
guile guile
guix guix
httptunnel httptunnel
hurd hurd
icecat icecat
jacal jacal
kawa kawa
libextractor libextractor
librejs librejs
libtool libtool
mailman mailman
mcron mcron
mediagoblin mediagoblin
melting melting
mit-scheme mit-scheme
mpfr mpfr
octave octave
osip osip
parallel parallel
pascal pascal
pspp pspp
pth pth
r r
recutils recutils
remotecontrol remotecontrol
scm scm
serveez serveez
shishi shishi
slib slib
smalltalk smalltalk
solfege solfege
speex speex
stump stump
wb wb
xlogmaster xlogmaster

Help us complete the list

Many GNU packages don't have logos—if you are skilled enough and willing to contribute logo for a package, please contact the package maintainers and show them your work. If approved, let us know at <[email protected]> in order to add it to this page. A list of all GNU packages is available.


 [FSF logo] “The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom. We defend the rights of all software users.”


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