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GNU License Logos

Official logos

If you are releasing work under the GFDL, or version 3 of the GNU GPL, LGPL, or AGPL, feel free to use these buttons on your site or in your application to advertise the license. These logos are immediately recognizable, and will assure your users that their freedom is being protected.

GFDL logo
by Martin Owens
GPL, LGPL and AGPL logos
PNG  38kB (1000x342)  [Large GPLv3-or-later logo] 
PNG  6.2kB (150x63)
 [Large GPLv3 logo with “Free as in Freedom”] 
PNG  6.6kB (136x68)
 [Large LGPLv3 logo with “Free as in Freedom”] 
PNG  7.3kB (154x68)
 [Large GNU AGPLv3 logo with “Free as in Freedom”] 
PNG  8.5kB (162x68)
PNG  15kB (400x137)  [Small GPLv3 logo with “Free as in Freedom”] 
PNG  3.3kB (84x42)
 [Small LGPLv3 logo with “Free as in Freedom”] 
PNG  3.7kB (95x42)
 [Small GNU AGPLv3 logo with “Free as in Freedom”] 
PNG  4.0kB (100x42)
 [Large GFDL logo] 
PNG  4.7kB (129x44)
 [Small GPLv3-or-later logo] 
PNG  3.7kB (90x38)
 [Large GPLv3 logo] 
PNG  3.5kB (127x51)
 [Large LGPLv3 logo] 
PNG  3.3kB (147x51)
 [Large GNU AGPLv3 logo] 
PNG  3.6kB (155x51)
 [Small GPLv3 logo] 
PNG  2.5kB (66x23)
 [Small GPLv3 logo] 
PNG  2.7kB (88x31)
 [Small LGPLv3 logo] 
PNG  2.0kB (88x31)
 [Small GNU AGPLv3 logo] 
PNG  1.9kB (88x31)
SVG  5.4kB SVG  109kB SVG  83kB SVG  290kB

Alternative logos by Christian Cadena

 [Alternative GNU license logos] 

Copyright and license

Official GPL, AGPL and LGPL logos
These images are in the public domain.
Official GFDL logo
Copyright © 2007, 2008, 2011, 2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Available under the GNU Free Documentation License v1.3.
Alternative logos
Copyright © 2012 Christian Cadena
Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

 [FSF logo] “The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom. We defend the rights of all software users.”


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