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Top 10 Unreliable Networks

Top 10 less reliable networks than NSFnet's T3:

10.  Cans tied together with string during a San Fran 8.5 earthquake.
9-1 co,ming
9.  The Arthritic's Morse Code net.
8.  AT&&T's net during a transparent software upgrade.
7.  Bouncing signals off satellite, orbiting asteroid near Alpha Centauri.
6.  "Great Valleys Of The World"'s semaphore net.
5.  Chain-packet net (every time you get a packet, send off two more).
4.  Using carrier mackerel across the Sahara.
3.  Single Side Band transmitted from ground zero of a thermonuclear explosion.
2.  100 monkeys sending at random (by chance, they'll eventually send the information you want sent).
1.  L.A.'s smog signal net.

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