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Top Ten Reasons Why Intel Delayed Announcing the P5

From: [email protected] (Paul Israel)

   This is an original from me. Honest.

	Top Ten Reasons Why Intel Delayed Announcing the P5

	10. Ad managers wanted time to think up a better name
	    for "MESI" cache coherency.

	 9. Hoped to outfox AMD this time by waiting for them to
	    release their 'P5' first.

	 8. Still trying to figure out how to mount a 3 foot high
	    cooling tower on a 2 square package.

	 7. Marketing's prediction that all of IBM's top executives
	    would be killed by space aliens, followed by IBM engineering's
	    insistence on a return to an Intel strategy, did not appear
	    to pan out.

	 6. Sales force needs to be retrained to sell a processor
	    that doesn't end in "86".

	 5. Can never seem to squeeze in enough byte enables.

	 4. Military insisted at the last minute on 8080 compatability

	 3. New "Break on stupid code" exception not popular with

	 2. All those millions of dollars in processor R&D were
	    cutting into the CEO's Christmas bonus.

	 1. Needed to hire more lawyers first.


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