Musical pick-up!

 [colorful rounded image of the Head of a GNU]

A pick-up expressed in musical terms:

        hymn (the guy)
        bar line (where he meets her)
        sax (what he wants)
        suite (what he says she is)
        sheet music (what she puts on the CD player in her room)
        sol-fa (what they lie down on)
        "Triad!" (he suggests tying her up with a major chord)
        "Duet!" (her answer)
        staff (what he pulls out next)
        score (what he does)
        no treble (what he's had)
        a trill (what he assumes she's had)
        a C note (what she hopes for)
        forte (what she's willing to accept)
        a tenor (what he ends up paying)
        "Bass!" (what she calls him)
        "Pitch!" (what he calls her)

                Amities, Jane
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