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Merry Christmas in 4 languages

The following is in C, Pascal, FORTRAN, and PHP. You might also be interested in Happy New Year in 4 languages

const a = '\''; void b()/*'; var b:string;{
c */ { /*
c <?php print "<script>document.fgColor='#ffffff'</script>";
cos(1);print "<font color=black size=+2>Merry Christmas</font>" ?>
17	format('Merry Christmas')
	write(6, 17)
c */
char *a = "}begin b:='{"; } int main () { /*'; writeln{*/
char cbuf[64]; sprintf(cbuf, "}('Merry Christmas') end. {");
cbuf[18] = '\n'; cbuf[19] = '\0'; printf(cbuf+3); return 0; }

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