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Some suggested future GCC options

From: Noah Friedman
To: Roland McGrath, Richard Stallman, Jim Blandy, Michael Bushnell
Cc: chris williams, Christian Longshore Claiborn
Subject: Some gcc options we'd like to see.
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 93 00:45:09 EST
  • -Waggravate-return
  • -Wcast-spell
  • -Wcaste-align
  • -Win
  • -Wmissing-protons
  • -Wredundant-repetitions
  • -antsy
  • -fbungee-jump
  • -fexpensive-operations
  • -fextra-strength
  • -fjesus-saves
  • -fkeep-programmers-inline
  • -fno-peeping-toms
  • -fruit-roll-ups
  • -fshort-enough
  • -mno-dialogue
  • -pedophile
  • -vomit-frame-pointer
From: Alexandre Oliva
Date: 06 Jan 2002 17:37:07 -0200

On Jan 2, 2002, in a long, heated thread concerning the interpretation of certain passages of the C standard, jtv wrote:

> (Yes, I'm a pedant.  I'm pining for the day when gcc will support the
> options “-ffascist -Wanal”)

How about introducing the options ‘-flame -War’ :-)

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