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GNU Advisory Committee


The GNU Advisory Committee exists to facilitate coordination within the GNU project. RMS (Richard Stallman), the founder of GNU and the FSF, remains the Chief GNUisance with overall responsibility for and authority over the GNU Project.

The committee's responsibilities deal with the project as a whole. It provides an initial point of contact for questions from maintainers, FSF and others. Members of the committee are appointed by RMS and meet by phone each month to discuss current issues.

The committee can be contacted directly at <[email protected]>.

Current committee members


The main responsibilities of the committee are to:

For GNU maintainers

More information about the Advisory Committee, intended for GNU software maintainers, is in the Getting Help section of the GNU Maintainers' Information document.


The committee held its first meeting in December 2009.

Brian Gough was a member until January 2012.


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